Portland 5 Day Magic & Potency Event


Does your body and being desire to LAUGH loads, LET GO of limitation, EXPLORE new possibilities and UNLEASH your Magic & Potency in the world?

This event is sure to create magic in your life and reveal how your unique potency can enhance your living in ways you could not imagine or plan!

This exclusive class is an invitation to unlock your brilliance, become the master magician of your life, and BE the potency which is actually your natural state of being rather than some fictional fantasy-land ‘altered state’ you’ve been told is impossible. WOW, imagine how your world will be transformed after five days!!

There will even be an opportunity to learn how to succeed at spoon bending and how to turn bad wine into good wine during the Magician’s Party so you can add these special skills to your list of party tricks. How COOL is that!!??

THE ‘Magician’s Party of Alchemy’ CLASS IS BEING LIVE STREAMED ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! So…you can attend from the comfort of your own home and anyone who hosts a POD broadcast for 3 people or more gets to take the class for a very special price. How does it get any better than that? Will you choose to attend online I wonder? The facilitators, Solei and Jennifer, would LOVE to have you join them energetically to make this a GLOBAL JOURNEY INTO EXPANDED AWARENESS!!!!

Classes can be taken individually (see descriptions and prices by clicking on links below) or as a special Magic and Potency Package of $525 for all five days (saving participants $250).

Please note: all those attending the Magician’s Party of Alchemy are kindly requested to bring a couple of spoons or forks to play with (…and your grandmother’s finest silver is not recommended since they will be bent out of shape!!).

5 Day Magic & Potency Event: September 13th – 17th

CLICK HERE to Register for ALL 5 DAYS of Class  and get a special savings (and 14 Bonus Recordings for Prepaying)!! 

Cost: $525 for all five days – Save $250!


September 13th  - Magician’s Party of Alchemy and Spoon Bending -
6:30pm – 9:30pm    Cost: $25

Learn how to bend spoons & change bad wine into good wine in this gathering where exploration and play is the name of the game. You will get a taste of the magic & potency class content in this fun filled evening as well! How does it get any better than that?

To Register For This Class CLICK HERE


September 14th - Magic As YOU! 4:00pm – 9:00pm   Cost: $150

Learn how to become a master magician in every moment to create joy, ease and glorious outcomes in every aspect of your life. This fun-filled specialty class by Solei & Jennifer is rich with laughter and age old wisdom so participants can break through any limitation.

To Register For This Class CLICK HERE


September 15th – Magic ‘Body Bliss’ 10:00am – 6:00pm   Cost: $150

Infuse your body with magic, eliminate blocks and internal barriers, and fill your body with blissful energy to support your body and being. This class will present two specially selected Access Consciousness™ body processes to support the body fully during this extraordinary time of transformation. Create the change you desire in your life and invoke a life of magic from your very core. After all, Magic Body, Magic Being™!!

To Register For This Class CLICK HERE


September 16th - Playing With Potency: Access Your Personal Power™  10:00am – 6:00pm   Cost: $200

Discover your unlimited potential and learn how to use your assets to your advantage, create winning situations whatever the circumstances and live your life like a champion rather than a wallflower.

To Register For This Class CLICK HERE


September 17th – Potent ‘Body Bliss’ 4:00pm – 10:00pm   Cost $150

What if potency is a state of being which comes from the core of who you BE in the world? This life altering class will present two Access Consciousness™ Body Processes to create limitless possibilities for you to activate your inner super hero and access your personal power by boosting your system with the deep internal potent energies your body is capable of…after all, Potent Body, Potent Being™!!

To Register For This Class CLICK HERE


Register and pre-pay for the 5 Day Magic & Potency Event and receive a Magic, Potency & Personal Power MP3 clearing recording package (worth $210)!

To Register For the Entire 5 Days AND Get Your FREE Bonuses CLICK HERE!   

Solei Hannahs  and Jennifer Larkin      

are both International Change Agents with diverse healing capacities.  They each have traveled all over the world facilitating breakthroughs and enormous changes for both individuals and corporations.  This DYNAMIC DUO are an extraordinary team that truly is magic!

Register NOW and access the magic you are, the magic you bring to the world, what unique potencies you are already expressing and how to optimize your amazing magical gifts!

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One Response to Portland 5 Day Magic & Potency Event

  1. Rebecca Noel says:

    Words cannot even describe how amazing this event was and how much my mind and universe is completely blown apart and forever changed! Wow! These two amazing facilitators activated so much magic and potency for everyone who attended and their facilitation was at such a deep level that even subtle nuances in un-consciousness that were holding us back were cleared! Love and gratitude to you both Solei and Jennifer! How did Portland get so lucky?….and of course what else is possible now?

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